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The National Dialogue Forum (NDF) is your trusted partner for comprehensive research services. With a wide spectrum of capacities, we offer end-to-end support for research initiatives. Our services encompass survey design and execution, enumerator training, meticulous data collection, rigorous data verification, and insightful data analysis. We specialize in producing in-depth research studies, rapid assessments, and market analyses, political risk assessments, all utilizing cutting-edge methodologies and frameworks. Our expertise extends to conducting situation &conflict analyses, feasibility studies, exploratory research, and policy papers. At NDF, we excel in addressing critical topics such as conflict and security, terrorism research, counterterrorism strategies, human rights, regional dynamics, connectivity, and the political economy analysis of Pakistan. Please reach out to our dedicated team at to initiate your next research project with confidence.



A UN Women Research Study: Resilience, community security and social cohesion through effective women's leadership

By: Sheharyar Khan, Dr. Ayyaz Mallick


This comprehensive research study delves into the nuanced dimensions of gender within the context of ethnic and religious conflicts in Pakistan, recognizing their potential to erode social cohesion and stability. With a primary focus on the impact of conflict and violence on women, this study sheds light on instances where social cohesion breakdowns manifest. Such breakdowns, intriguingly, can intensify gender-based oppression while simultaneously presenting opportunities for the emergence of fresh layers of community leadership, notably among women. The study, moreover, systematically examines the distinctive factors specific to women that contribute to bolstering security, social cohesion, and the formulation and execution of policies. The research methodology encompasses a judicious blend of quantitative surveys, in-depth Focus Group Discussions, and insightful Key Informant Interviews conducted with eminent experts and practitioners in the field of security policy and implementation. These research instruments were meticulously administered among a diverse spectrum of women citizens, policy-makers, and experts residing in both rural and urban settings across all four provinces of Pakistan





A UN Women Research Study: Resilience, community security and social cohesion through effective women's leadership

By: Sheharyar Khan,  Dr. Ayyaz Mallick


The knowledge product report offers a concise yet insightful overview of a comprehensive study examining the gendered dimensions of ethnic and religious conflicts in Pakistan. Focusing on the potential implications for social cohesion and stability, the study underscores the critical role of women in situations of conflict and violence. It highlights how instances of social cohesion breakdown not only exacerbate gender-based oppression but also provide opportunities for the emergence of women in leadership roles within their communities. This knowledge product report encapsulates the essence of the full research study and serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders interested in addressing gender-related issues within the context of conflict and security in Pakistan.

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