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Committed to Building an Inclusive Society

National Dialogue Forum is committed to building an inclusive society where the voices of all segments, specially, historically marginalized and disadvantaged, are included in the processes of policy-making.


Workshop on “Two-day Training on Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and Freelancing” for HSSP Scholarship Holders

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Youth Development Program

NDF is empowering youth by nurturing Champions of Social Change on university campuses. The program creates safe spaces on university campuses where young people can express themselves freely and promote progressive values.

Hanns Seidel Scholarship Program (HSSP)

Aims to strengthen regional stability through extensive education by providing long-term support to young, talented students from Afghanistan who are registered as refugees in Pakistan and enrolled at Pakistani universities.

Pak Afghan Dialogue Forum

Aims to strengthen people-to-people relations based on shared interests and common goal of establishing peace in the region. We promote regional stability, peace and prosperity by fostering strong bonds, cooperation and networks between people in the region.

The Refugee Stories

Highlights the struggles and successes of Afghan refugee role models & community leaders who have excelled in adversity through their hard work and perseverance, contributing to Pakistani society and economy on the whole.

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Research, Monitoring and Evaluation:

We provide full-service research solutions tailored to each client's needs, from designing methodologies to presenting key insights. We specialize in monitoring and evaluation for development & public sector programs, measuring impact and refining interventions.

Dialogue and Advocacy

We provide a platform for diverse views to productively engage on socio-economic and political issues. By drawing from pluralistic perspectives and using dialogue as a tool, we advocate for inclusive policy reforms & interventions.

Evidence-Based Policy Making

We use rigorous research and analysis to inform policy decisions, ensuring that they are grounded in empirical evidence & data driven insights. We help our clients incorporate evidence-based approaches into their policy making processes, using data & research to inform decision-making and drive positive change.

Program Development & Implementation

NDF's evidence-based approach to program development, management, and implementation draws on sectoral expertise and stakeholder feedback to design effective and adaptive programs that deliver tangible results and positive impact.


Our Analysis

Our vision is to create a peaceful, pluralistic society that actively promotes the inclusion of historically marginalized and disadvantaged voices in policy-making processes, leading to sustainable development, a better future for all and prosperity for communities

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