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Pak-Afghan Dialogue Forum

HSF’s flagship project Hanns Seidel Scholarship Program (HSSP): Support for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan aims to strengthen the regional stability in Pakistan-Afghanistan through extensive education: by providing long-term support to young, talented students from Afghanistan who are registered as refugees in Pakistan and enrolled at Pakistani universities. 

Two Countries One Mission

Striving for peace, enhancing regional cooperation & connectivity and facilitating people to people contact between the two countries

Our Mission

Pak Afghan Dialogue Forum is committed to promoting sustainable peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan by promoting meaningful dialogue, regional & economic cooperation building upon shared socio-cultural history and values.

Fostering Pak-Afghan Solidarity

The Aman Initiative

The Pak-Afghan ‘Aman’ (Peace) initiative was launched with the intent to foster peace and stability on the western front of South Asia. The seemingly perennial state of instability in this region has perplexed policymakers, analysts, academics, strategists, and statesmen alike for the last few decades.


In line with National Dialogue Forum’s (NDF) ethos of inclusive policymaking, the ‘Aman’ initiative will focus on ways to further cross-border solidarity by facilitating dialogue on a variety of pertinent local and regional issues. The ‘aman’ initiative will build upon the cultural similarities between people on both sides in order to eradicate misconceptions, build trust, and – most importantly – propose viable solutions to the underlying problems facing both nations. The initiative is supported by HSF Pakistan.

Building Together

Building upon the shared cultural history of the two nations

Cultural Exchange

Promoting and celebrating a shared cultural history, art, music & poetry

Promote Peace

Striving for sustainable peace for regional stability and economic prosperity

Media Engagement

Promoting a well-informed progressive discourse on political, socio-economic and cultural issues

Youth Engagement

Investing in the future by building bridges and preparing the next generation of future leaders

Regional and Policy Dialogues

Providing practical solutions to complex problems through inclusive dialogue

Enhancing Regional Cooperation & Connectivity

Promoting Peace and Regional Prosperity

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